Meet our Committee | Jackie Poyser

Poyser, JackieJackie works at Animal Health Australia as the Communications and Partnerships Manager, and is also a member of the NRPC Executive Committee.

Why did you decide to get involved on the NRPC?
I’m relatively new to the agriculture industry – I’ve come from the private health sector, with a strong focus on rural health. Within my first few months in ag I saw the strong correlation between agriculture and rural and remote issues. I was hooked! Joining the NRPC to meet like-minded people seemed a great starting point to gain a stronger grasp of all things ag!

What do you love the most about working in the rural and agriculture sector?
Definitely the people. Over the past decade I’ve been privileged to work with and meet some amazing people who work within our rural communities, advocating for better conditions.

What is the biggest opportunity facing your sector and why?
I continue to be impressed by the innovative ideas and practices that are coming out of ag – in particular the digital space. The Australian ag sector is definitely a world leader in this space.

What is the biggest challenge facing your sector or rural communities in general and why?
The lack of access to many services that are readily available to those in metropolitan Australia:
• health care services (in particular, access to mental health assistance and support networks)
• the digital divide and increased cost of accessing the internet in rural communities
• employment opportunities
Decentralisation will continue to be a hot topic over the coming few years – will this help address some of the inequalities experienced by our rural and remote Australians?

Who is a leader you admire and why?
Rosa Parks – Her decision to make a statement against powerful opposition, led to profound and long-term change. I believe it was her act of leadership that ignited the modern civil rights movement. It would not have been an easy path to take; I admire her courage and resilience – “The only tired I was, was tired of giving in.”