Meet our Committee | Emily Mackintosh


18581618_810574509103526_5589622721302525973_nEmily has worked in rural journalism most of her professional career, be it in a reporting role or a media advisory role for many agricultural organisations.

Completing Ag Science at Hawkesbury Agricultural College (Uni of Western Sydney) her professional roles have been many and varied, communication being at the focal point. However agriculture has been a passion in her life. She has lived on the land and has also served farmers in a corporate capacity at local, state and international levels throughout her career. She was lucky enough to get a start with the ABC Rural Department as a radio rural journalist.

Emily is currently sharing the role of Secretary with Tony Murray and she joined the NRPC because of her strong belief in rural journalism and the voice of the bush needs to be heard.

Emily admires the compassion of those on the land, the amazing capacity to overcome adversity and the capability to be inventive and creative.

“It blows me away how resilient and creative our rural folk are just to stay alive. If we would only instil that in urban Australia, god only knows what this country can/could achieve!”

Emily thinks it’s definitely time we rethink our agricultural techniques and methodologies to be more suited to our climate and what is happening globally. Maybe we need to reset what we are doing with the land.

Australia’s biggest challenge is competing against cheaper imports which have the potential to erode our domestic agricultural systems. She believes we have to think smarter in the way we do things and position our products both domestically and globally.

“We are never going to be a volume producer but we have the opportunity to be a niche player that can get premium dollars for what we produce.”

Emily is inspired by Nelson Mandela – because he never stopped believing in right over wrong and the unachievable is actually achievable.