Fiona Simson chats at Innovation Generation with host Cindy Cassidy.

Advocacy and education critical to boost ag image

By Gregor Heard

The President of the National Farmers Federation (NFF) says agricultural advocacy should not just be left to farm lobby groups.

Instead, Fiona Simson said rank and file farmers had a big role to play in educating urban consumers about the farming sector.

“Getting that story direct from the farmer is incredibly powerful,” Ms Simson said.

“Don’t just leave education about agriculture matters up to the lobby groups, get involved yourself,” she said.

“If you’ve got a story to tell get out there and tell it, whether it be via social media or conventional media or whatever, there are a lot of great stories out there and we need to get better at telling them.”

She said people in agriculture often underestimated what they did on a daily basis.

“People often assume other people know the same things they do and in regards to agriculture often they don’t so it is our job to get out there and tell them.

“If we don’t get out and tell our story someone else will.”

This story first appeared on Farm Online on 21 July 2018.


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